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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Medea (1988)

Lars von Trier's adaptation of Carl Theodor Dreyer's play adaptation of the Greek tragedy of Medea. It is the tale of a Greek woman named Medea's shocking revenge that she takes on her warrior husband Jason who has left her to marry into royalty. To be honest, I was pretty lost by the films end. I had my own interpretations, which to an extent were right, about what had happened. Once I read up on the Greek myth it was based on I was able to appreciate its horribly depressing ending that leave so much unanswered much more. Von Trier's direction is what makes the film, the way he uses the scenery and atmosphere of his ancient setting creates both beautiful and haunting images. A scene where a horse is poisoned and as it is dying runs to the ocean while being followed by hundreds of birds is filmmaking beauty. Like so many of his films it is the way von Trier uses the last 20 or so minutes of the film to bring everything together and leave you with lingering thoughts and emotions. If any of you watch this be sure to read into what it is based on first, because going into it blind may confuse you or leave you with the wrong initial opinion.

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